Rare Earths are back on the Radar as the US, Japan, and EU bring up China’s practices to the WTO

Anthony Young, an analyst at Dahlman Rose & Co., and Sophia Kalantzakos, a professor at New York University, talk about rare-earth mineral markets. The U.S. is challenging China's export limits on rare-earth minerals at the World Trade Organization. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg TV. http://www.businessweek.com/videos/2012-03-14/rare-earth-mineral-market-china-wto-dispute

PSI seems to be a success but the public mood is still grim

Tonight is a night of relief for the greek government and EU partners. It appears that PSI participation went well, and the information coming out of Greece is highly optimistic though the official figures will not be released until tomorrow morning. This deal will allow Greece to reduce its debt by approximately 105 billion euros.… Continue reading PSI seems to be a success but the public mood is still grim