Critical Minerals and the New Geopolitics

The tension between the geographic concentration of vital metallic elements and the increasing scramble to secure them will further unsettle geopolitics in the twenty-first century. Rich-country governments must now follow China's lead and build new avenues of trust and cooperation with developing countries...

Rare earths: A catalyst to geopolitical realignments.

The current rare earths crisis is not a stand-alone event. In 2010, the elements captured both international headlines and the attention of policymakers and industry globally when a geopolitical incident between China and Japan revealed how the world had grown almost exclusively dependent on China for rare earth mining, processing, production, and export. Prices skyrocketed,… Continue reading Rare earths: A catalyst to geopolitical realignments.

Rare Earth Geopolitics: A case of Economic Statecraft?

Obscure though they have been in the past, rare earths represent some of the most precious enabling elements for the operation of high tech, renewables, and defense technologies, everything from smartphones and medical technologies to wind turbines, energy efficient lighting, smart bombs, and submarines. While they are not particularly "rare" in availability, they are difficult… Continue reading Rare Earth Geopolitics: A case of Economic Statecraft?

West Side Story, Migration, and the Crisis

I just got back from watching a Greek production of West Side Story. Though I am familiar with the movie, the songs and of course the music and the plot, attending this performance in the middle of the wave of mass population movement  made me give the performance my undivided attention. Racism, violence, belonging and… Continue reading West Side Story, Migration, and the Crisis

Migration, Refugees and Free movement of People

I have been attending the 17th annual Symi symposium on Kos Island entitled Exodus: Population movements in a changing world. Naturally, it’s the refugee crisis that’s at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But is it only the refugee crisis seen from the perspective of European member states? In a session about the Brexit and its… Continue reading Migration, Refugees and Free movement of People