There is no future for Greece outside Europe

The events that are now unfolding in Greece are so tragic, unthinkable and unpredictable that one cannot but be dumbfounded. Prime Minister Papandreou’s sudden, unilateral decision to call for a referendum on whether or not Greece should stay in the Euro was shocking and reckless. The fact that political parties in Greece were appalled by the turn of events and did not want the referendum to take place because they feared that the outcome would not only be the return to the drachma, the economic catastrophe but it would also jeopardize Greece’s participation in the EU above and beyond the eurozone. It is too early to see how things unfold. There is a vote of confidence scheduled for Friday which will determine whether the Papandreou government can carry on. The referendum will not take place and general elections are around the corner in one way or another. The Papandreou government may not even survive as the opposition is calling for a transition government until elections can be held before Christmas. Papandreou discredited Greece in Europe and has dealt a serious blow to good will and credibility which are very hard things to build especially when money is tight and constituents are afraid for their own financial future. The opposition has been forced to accept the inevitable realities of Greece’s financial predicament – even at this late hour- but now there is no more room for negotiation. Greece was humiliated in Cannes. Europe too, however, should learn from the turn of events. It is confusing, unproductive and painful to have so many voices, expressing conflicting views, harsh opinions, for close to 2 years, causing so much insecurity and fear in Greece. Fear makes people negative, nasty and it is highly unproductive. Europe must speak with one voice and must decide how to proceed confidently into the future. For Greece, this is the moment of truth. Politicians need to change, the public needs to be more responsible and understanding of the true situation but there needs to be a positive new vision to guide the country out of this dark time. Soon we will know. Regardless of the outcome, Papandreou’s moment is over. I just hope that logic prevails and Greece does not self-destruct. Time is of the essence and acting responsibly is a necessity. Parliamentarians hold the solutions and the votes. This is not an internal power struggle. It is a decision about what kind of future the country and its people will have in the immediate and distant future. Greece outside Europe will have no allies for its national interests and problems, will have no money and prospects, will have no friends and no future to aspire too. These are tragic and dangerous times for Greece but for Europe as well.

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