How does it feel to just be Britain?

The latest EU summit seemed to reach a new consensus on amending the treaties to secure the future of the euro. In the end, Britain vetoed the path forward and now stands in isolation, facing criticism at home and throughout the continent.

According to Spiegel International, Sarkozy was quoted as telling Le Monde newspaper on Monday:”There are clearly two Europes… One that wants more solidarity among its members and more regulation. The other which is attached only to the logic of the single market.”

While Britain sorts out which direction it wants to take, whether to follow the other members into a new more regulated future or go it alone, it is interesting to observe what it would be like in a global world to be a former powerful voice who by standing alone, losing relevance and influence.

Undeniably Britain’s global political importance in the 21st century is largely enhanced by having been a strong economy but also a member of a large family of nations. Though much euroskepticism has been prevalent in the UK, the country found it vital to remain a member of the Union, securing  tailor made arrangements and a special role for itself.

This could all now be lost if Europe continues without Britain. It is something worth considering when underestimating the importance of what modern Europe stands for in a globalized era.

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