Now they want elections first?

I never thought that this would come to pass but soon we will know. I recently wrote that if elections took place within the next couple of months in Greece, given the situation on the ground, the left wing would probably come out victorious and dominant. I wrote about how the two main political parties are both in disarray and polling very low, especially socialist PASOK.

Seems as if the Germans had an epiphany last night that this could happen given the fact that the New Democracy Head Tony Samaras has been demanding elections as soon as possible. He continues to think that he can win because he was ahead in the polls before Sunday’s vote.

Now, however, he lost 20 members of his party who voted against the measures and credibility among those populist voices he’s cultivated over the last 2 1/2 years who are raising hell against the new bailout deal.

Now that it is becoming clear that the election outcome can not be predicted by any stretch of the imagination, the German government is wavering on the package and rumor has it that the Eurogroup will ask for elections first and then approve the deal.

If this is the case, really, it will be the final blow. Though European concerns are completely legitimate, these issues could have been foreseen months ago. Why is everyone so slow to comprehend the situation on the ground?

I am astonished. Astonished by the lack of professionalism and  strategic thinking on the part of the political actors in Greece and also by the lack of foresight on the part of the EU partners who are all seasoned politicians and must have known that this unbearable pressure and hardship would cause a back lash and instability in the political process. If this is their action plan in dealing with each member state that is facing a debt crisis, I now wonder how political parties will fare and how democratic institutions will stand up to this new challenge.

Soon we will know. I hope I am mistaken.

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