Greeks vote on Sunday, May 6.

There are just a few days left until the Greek nation votes. The two main political parties are attacking each other in a last attempt to rally the political troops behind their flag. For the first time, it doesn’t seem to be working. According to local journalists, the undecided vote is undecided about which small party to vote for, but does not show any intention of returning to the mothership. Polls are not allowed to be made public but naturally there are rumors and the large parties seem worried. It would be unthinkable for the country to come out of this early election more wounded than it was entering it.

One cannot help but wonder, however, if catharsis does not come now then when? Will the large parties be given one last chance by the electorate? And if so and they are unable to work together after the election what will happen next? How will they reach cooperation if they are attacking each other so ferociously? And haven’t they given their EU partners their word and signatures that they will abide by the agreements and  that they will continue to support the effort to ensure that the reforms are implemented in order to secure funding and avoid bankruptcy?

In their desperate attempts to bring back their former supporters, the parties  threaten to not collaborate. They threaten new elections, thereby prolonging the misery and the chaos that would certainly ensue. The gamble they are taking may or may not pay off and it is difficult to predict what a voter will do when he or she stands in front of that ballot box on Sunday.

Chance, however, is fickle and leaving the country’s future to chance is irresponsible at best. One does not know what to wish for. Should the whole thing come tumbling down or continue to stand on wobbly legs. Perhaps, the public will show the infinite reason that leaders have failed to demonstrate.

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