Can this be real? (don’t forget to look at polls going up and down)

Δημοσκόπηση πρωτιάς για ΣΥΡΙΖΑ

It’s new elections for Greece. If this poll is any indication it marks the beginning of a new era in Greek politics. Frankly, if the former large parties of ND and PASOK are going to be performing so abysmally, they should just quit while there is still time and re-invent themselves in some relevant way.

A even newer poll for newspaper PONTIKI updates these figures. SYRIZA is at 22%m, ND at 19.5%, PASOK at 14%, ANEXARTITOI ELLINES at 7.5%, KKE at 5.5% and HRISI AVGI at 5.5%, DIMAR at 5.5%.

Tsipras, whether you like him or not, trust him or not, is still a young, fresh new political face. The other options are tired choices. They have been seen in action again and again, and though this situation is not entirely the fault of politicians, the public needs real scapegoats and a new lease on life.

So what is it going to be? The rallying cry of old? Join forces center-right and center-left. Vote for ND and PASOK to stay in the Euro. Will it be enough? It doesn’t seem to be helping  any at the moment!

All the parliamentarians I know and speak with admit that change is now a must, especially change at the top. None of them seem to believe that there is enough time to do this now. They feel that if people decide on Tsipras and SYRIZA then it may not even matter what happens next, if it ends up spelling a catastrophe for the country.

They will inevitably need to reshuffle internally once the elections are over with in order to face the new challenges.

Nonetheless, in all likelihood, they will be irrelevant then and so will their parties. I am not one to ever recommend acting in haste. But sometimes riding the fence is not possible. Clarity is what people demand in the darkest hour. Not hesitancy. This is not about internal politics. It’s about the big picture, the future of Greece.

Go for it. Take the leap but remember dont compromise. If you are going to do anything, make it something good, otherwise await your sentence passively, to see for whom the bell will toll in June.

PS up and down they go… the numbers I mean (from ALPHA TV GREECE)

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    • galopb290x170

1 thought on “Can this be real? (don’t forget to look at polls going up and down)”

  1. sofia, this is depressing. looking at the blogs and you tube posts from greece, i am realizing how profound the problem is: but more critically, how profound the prevelance of mental illness that is happening in real-time in our country.

    people are really not well: from the top down. people are literally having a collective nervous breakdown.

    and the leaders are really not problem solvers: i have for decades see greeks leave cause of the social problems of not letting talent grow and prosper in our country.

    what would be wonderful would be a series of lectures to tie in new communities: a healthier greece: economically and socially: a greece that can grow with the world. there are people who will survive and prosper in this mess: what makes these persons different and able to cope compared to those who are getting angry? breaking down? or just leaving for australia or vancover?

    i look at your sustainability links and this is where i from the outside find hope; tonight we ate frozen black eye beans and barley that we bought from whole foods: we mixed it with organic chicken: what stricks me is that the food was from farms that made their own energy: i payed more for the product cause it was from wholefoods. i was saddened to see less and less greek products available: cant even get them from our local greek store and have to settle for bulgarian or turkish meditarean foods.

    We have the purest and tastiest organic oregano that came from our village in andros but this is something we brought over by plane: such a simple product and all it needs to be packaged and marketed a bit: there is so much of it that grows there: i mixed it with the other store bought organic products and enjoyed our dinner. it is in the most simple tasks that the answer to our problems exists.

    again: what are the coping skills of survival? is the very political system a cause of our dysfunction or represents something more fundamentally wrong with us as greeks: are we culturally too dependent and we are not willing to be healthy and functional adults and be independent and do for ourselves?

    thats where the Tzipras fails: he cannot with old ideologies get greece to be truely free: we continue to think like slaves and hope with cutting drachmas we call all live the good days of Andreas Papandreo: we have been poisened with dependency and have become a welfare nation on all levels. we need to work and create: we need to harvest the sun, wind and the land: we need to regrow and become a people who control their destiny.

    i fear Tzipras will be hated as the current politicians cause we have to govern ourselves and he cannot parent the country like a lennin or stalin. greeks do not want to be children forever? or do they?

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