Michelle Obama brought the message home and gave America a compass!

Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention was inspiring. What a feat! What a rush! It is rare to listen to such an  eloquent speech delivered with passion and conviction, which is why  I strongly urge you to watch the video.

Michelle Obama’s speech heralds hard work and effort, instead of money and entitlement. It speaks of giving back to others and not shutting the door of opportunity to those who have not yet “arrived.” It calls for fighting for what is right and not simply convenient. You had only to look around  the convention room  to see people of all walks of life. There was genuine diversity and feeling. It did not feel like this was an event taking place in some far away bubble exclusively for media purposes.

There are not many women in the political world who shine as brightly as she did on that night. She may not be an elected official but she is a symbol – there’s no denying that being first lady can mean something important.  It wasn’t only the excellent speech, but the delivery and the genuine emotion that poured out, unstoppable and unwavering. She wanted to tell people why it mattered to be in politics and to get the job done. She had seen it up close and she wanted us to know that it wasn’t easy to fight for what is right, though it was well worth it.

I have long considered how difficult it is to be a woman in politics, in the public light, not as an entertainer but as a woman of authority, power, intelligence and conviction. There are not may out there that we can hope to emulate. There is no road map for us women who want our voice to be heard, without sounding belligerent, feeble, fake, shrill, and in the sole service of some male that we are trying to support. Michelle Obama spoke to the American people about her husband but she also spoke about herself and to me that is what mattered.

She did not seem to be up there trying to make him look good, ( though she did achieve that). She gave the audience a compass. Why should they pick them and that path versus the path that the Romney-Ryan ticket are offering. She dared to say truths, that are being brushed over these days. That we need to fight to be free, to chose, to rise professionally, even to love whom we want.

It’s always been about effort. We’ve just forgotten about it, having gotten too complacent in our daily routines. Nonetheless, it feels good to have a goal, to want to reach for the stars, or even closer. It’s nice to feel a sense of accomplishment,  pride and dignity. These achievements never come effortlessly.

Michelle Obama made experience sound fresh. Usually experience makes you look jaded but not in that speech. It’s just another step in life’s long and complicated journey which hopefully makes you wiser but doesn’t alter your values.

Those usually in control are so cynical and have such a limited understanding of what real life is all about. Their ideas and solutions –even their words – are beyond cliche, they are hollow, scripted and seems contrived and fake. How refreshing to know that it can be worth fighting for our values, our freedoms, our voice, our families. Fighting for what is right! We may actually surprise ourselves and get somewhere! Nothing changes if we are jaded and negative. We need more inspiration like the one Michelle Obama provided. I am deeply moved and impressed.



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