The plot thickens as ban on hydraulic fracturing may be lifted in New York

According to a New York Times report  (June 30, 2011), the Cuomo administration is seeking to lift the ban on fracking which has been in effect. The “justification” is that fracking can take place on private lands “under rigorous and effective controls”, not public land and not anywhere near the water supply of NYC and other major town in the State.

The good news is that people are slowly but steadily becoming familiar with the threat this process of extracting natural gas poses to our groundwater supply and the wastewater it inevitably creates which “can be contaminated with toxic materials buried underground, including naturally occurring radioactive elements, or carcinogens like benzene.”[1]

By following the ups and downs pertaining to this issue we can get a much clearer picture as to how the fight is developing,  the forces that are at play and the inherent contradictions in deciding to move forward with this dangerous plan or not.

Two days ago companies involved in fracking were being scrutinized on their practices and the financial figures they are putting out for investors to see, and today lifting the ban on fracking in NY could be a very real possibility in the next few months.

[1] The New York Times, June 30,2011, “Cuomo Will Seek to Lift Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing”, Danny Hakim and Nicholas Confessore.

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