Questions about fracking? Then you must have an agenda!

The fight has now moved to  the opinion pages of the New York Times  (July  1, 2011) where Regina Hopper, President and Chief Executive,  America’s Natural Gas Alliance is questioning the newspaper’s investigative reporting about fracking finances, practices and environmental risks.  The most interesting comment in her short piece is contained in the following sentence.

“This American resource benefits our energy security, economy and environment. If your newspaper has an agenda — and it appears it does — it should be disclosed to your readers.”[1]

One just has to wonder, what makes the gas industry the torch bearer of “American security.” These are companies that sell a product and make money. They are not a branch of the government with a mandate to provide security for the United States.

It is also noteworthy that when the heat is on, a secret agenda must by out there somewhere. So anyone questioning the practice of fracking to extract natural gas must have some hidden agenda and is out to persecute the gas industry.

Isn’t that a bit much? Wouldn’t some concrete arguments about the industry itself have been more professional and perhaps convicing?

In the opinion pages you can also find a letter by Lisa DiCaprio  who teaches social sciences at NYU. She tackles the real issues raising questions that need to be answered especially if the moratorium prohibiting fracking is not extended and is lifted instead.

This is obviously a critical issue for  the millions of people living in New York State because if the groundwater is compromised there is no turning back. And that should be a top national security issue for the people and the government of the United States.

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