Papandreou wins vote of confidence but coalition government unlikely after head of opposition party refuses to cooperate and demands elections

It is a true wonder why final speeches are always the best. George Papandreou gave a clear and inspiring speech trying to defend his 30 year political career and his premiership during this unprecedented crisis.

He spoke eloquently about how he believed in transformation and taking risks throughout his public life. He asked for a vote a confidence and promised to immediately begin talks about the formation of a government that will have the widest possible political support from the parties represented in Parliament.

Of course it never became clear whether he will leave and what role he would play in this new chapter. He alluded that he is not attached to the premiership and we can only surmise that if need be he might resign.

The two left wing parties, KKE and SYRIZA balked at the prospect and vowed during the discussion in Parliament that public defiance and resistance to the fiancial measures required to meet the country’s financial obligations toward its lenders would continue. Syriza demanded general elections as soon as possible.

The head of New Democracy already declared that the only solution is a general election. He has no intention to cooperate.

So now what? Will PASOK move ahead alone? Will George Papandreou resign and will the socialist group pick a new PM? Will there be a general election?  God knows how Europe will react to all this.

Tonight though Papandreou won the vote of confidence.

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