Greek politicians may reach agreement by Sunday night

One must never be surprised by the unfortunate twists and turns of politics. The head of New Democracy stormed out of Parliament Friday night vowing not to partake in a coalition government.

He was accused of a heated over reaction. The next morning, he called the journalists and announced that this was not his fault and that Papandreou did not resign as agreed. He insisted in his own proposal leaving a tiny window of opportunity for further talks.

Sunday morning Samaras visited the President of the Republic to explain that he would work hard to reach a solution.

Seems that now it’s a question of logistics. Who, when, how, and for how long.

The head of the opposition made an about face pressured by public opinion, and an increasing understanding that doing nothing will not be accepted by Greece’s EU partners.

Hopefully, ,there will be a government that can navigate Greece through these turbulent times. The spin that will follow the formation of this compromise government should not distract anyone from the importance of saving the country from bankruptcy.

Soon we will know

1 thought on “Greek politicians may reach agreement by Sunday night”

  1. Hi Sophia,

    Thanks for posting about the political situation. I’ve been worried about the Greeks and your family in particular over these last weeks. I hope you’re well.



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