Nothing like a poll to help sabotage any chance of forming some kind of coalition government. May 6 marks Greece’s Waterloo. The large parties collapsed and are near extinction, and the populist left came out second in strength. Since Sunday, there have been attempts, ranging from hypocritical to semi-serious, hoping to produce a consensus government to hold it together so that Greece avoid bankruptcy and the complete collapse of its economy and state mechanisms.

Now the first poll is in and it looks like it’s game over. SYRIZA is now polling at 27.7% and ND is only going to go up 1.3% to barely touch 20%. PASOK is at 12.6% and the Independent Greeks (anexartitoi ellines) at around 10%.  These polls give SYRIZA no incentive to cooperate, when they may be able to govern practically unassisted after the next elections if their numbers keep going up.

What a mistake to go to early elections. The politicians made a mess of things and all fingers are now pointed to Antonis Samaras, who led the party, that put Greece into Europe, to  annihilation. Today’s speech to the new ND parliamentarians show clearly how out of touch the rhetoric is with the reality on the ground.

For the first time, I can say that it will take a miracle to turn this situation around. Though we invented the Deus ex machina, it is nowhere to be seen when it is needed most in this horrible Greek tragedy of the 21st century.

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