Who will govern if they can’t form a government in June? Tell politicians to “Sign for Greece!”

Greece is fast running out of options. The parties have thus far failed to find a way to form a coalition government mainly because the second largest party SYRIZA does not want any part of it.The polls show that if elections were held today, SYRIZA would be the party of choice for the electorate. So they are taking their chances and hope to win a decisive victory . They stated goal is to then begin negotiations with the EU and set forth a program to change what they thing is wrong with Greece.

Clearly the numbers do not add up. They can’t when you propose more spending that you can possibly afford, especially at a time like this when revenues from taxation are at an all time low and people are scrambling to pull their meager savings out of the banks in case of official bankruptcy.

Nonetheless, I have always found that when people want change, attacking what they see as a possible solution, however irrational it may seem to  moderates, feeds their anger. They are more afraid of those they already know,  than those they do not know well at all.

The months ahead spell tragedy for Greece, the Greek people and difficulties for the EU which I insist should sit back and let this all work itself out one way or another. Barking orders is not attractive. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I would think that politicians world wide would have at least abided by this universal truth!

Nonetheless, I believe that if elections are inevitable, then people must demand that a government will be formed immediately after their completion. If there is one paper that needs to be signed by all the members of parliament, all the leaders, all the candidates, is that come hell or high water they will work together and govern in June. Nobody owns the truth and the path to salvation. They need to work together if they don’t overwhelmingly prevail (and even if they do).

No election will do the country any good without this  kind of guarantee. “Sign for Greece” should be the motto if we want to gain anything positive from this turmoil.

2 thoughts on “Who will govern if they can’t form a government in June? Tell politicians to “Sign for Greece!””

  1. The thing is that Greek voters have very short memory and they cannot understand the crucial elections that went last Sunday to vote for. They thought that it was the right moment to express their revolutionary feelings and to punish the political system….too late though. This should have happened 10 years ago. The political system needs stability and forward looking. We should not leave eurozone or EU. The thing is to put new personalities in the political system, capable and crystal clear.

  2. i heard a horrible story about a lady robbed by thugs while she was taking money out of a atm machine to pay for her husbands nursing home. it seems there is no police work being done in greece: greece needs someone more like guliani to just focus on simple crime and police work: unfortunately due to the lack of protection of all citizens and visitors in greece, there is a horrible coffee house solution that is evolving with radical voting. we are not solving our simple problems and just making things worse with how we vote.

    i do not see us staying in the euro and only see a repeat of history all over again: last time it was the cyprus “enosis” and now i see the euro exit:

    The economy just slows down even more and exiting the euro more of a reality. we are not doing the simple things of being a society and our youth is being tranformed from radical hoodlems in the soccer fields to methodical paramilitary troops. the police now fear the protesting crowds as the crowds seem better organized (and better armed) than the police. its paradoxical to watch the protestors making the police confirm to their marches. all i see is citizens taking the law into their own hands and placing their politicians under house arrest. i only see this as a prelude to a right left coalition to place greece into house arrest to transition to the drachma again.

    it began with the dissolution of the village society and greece’s ill preparedness to enter cosmopolitan society in the 60s now extending to greece’s immature cultural state in becoming an industrial state: we are still a hybrid theocracy that never evolved beyond the ills of post byzantium. i am very sad to see the radical right and left take hold of the parliment: i am sad to see the streets with protesting elderly trying to parent an ungovernable country with rhetoric from the left or right. Greece will be uninheritable: greece will become something that is not natural: it will become a different place with a different name.

    it is sad but yet there is hope: but the irrational has taken hold as it has so many times before: i remember a modern greek film of iphygenia and remember how agammenon was afraid of the “greek army” with its many tentacles and that despite being its ruler, the greeks had desided to go after the honor of “helene” and where whipped into a blood thirstyness: such was the poetic beauty of cacoyiannis’s interpretion of euripedes.

    Worse, I have seen this on the interpersonal level of the disruption of family bonds and eruption of family discord within the greek family: now it is only time before each individual family crisis becomes a national collective crisis and it becomes a new paradoxal union. A paradoxal union that embraces a civil war will erupt in real time and will unite and temporarily solve the greek addictions to overspend: overspending at all levels of society is the root cause of the social crisis.

    we solve it with coffeehouse democracy and anger: greece is acting but out of fear. it is horrible to see how motivating hatred can be: but this is destructive and will not solve the real problems of a collapse of culture and being. if greeks cannot get beyond hating each other: if greeks cannot even stop hating family, how can we continue as a people or nation? we have long since ended the basic element of civility: the village, the family, the union between men and women and their children.

    when you hear the suicide rate is going up and we see our youth being captivated by political cults: we are in trouble!

    There is so much promise in the youth: so much that our land can give to the world: to really meaninfully solve our problems we need to tie our currency to things: to green energy and production of organic food products that are superior to anyone else’s products: we need to be creative engineers of our land and soil. but this chaos will not be a sustainable correction of exiting the euro: we need to capture the wind and sun and come off the oil run electrical grid: we need to allow ordinary citizens to sell energy to each other with green backed energy currency: ok….i couldnt end this with all doom and gloom and hope my reader sees the honesty and love with which i write this. i hope there is a greece for my children: a greece filled with love and progress that they can be proud of that goes beyond ancient history. i hope we can get beyond anger and hatred

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